This is Alagor speaking Ya right trenex no alagor ok both.fine.fine. o and palce are mostly made of meshs and if u wanna make a good catsle u got to make sure its stable what u need a do is to make the least amount of bricks if possble so if ur makeing a house don't make 60 bricks to do it just use resize make the walls not by mini bricks if u wanna make a palce u should use ur own meshs don't use to mutch but use a pritty mutch make them fit in color make it so it looks like it is shinying o and put something cool in it worth looking at like a dragon on the top or something. o and some secret rooms or a room thats lock with a zombie in it u choose. so u have a palce or a winning room or something like that but thats how to make a good one. and more..... Sorry about the grammer I was in a hurry.